Harpsichord Keyboard Closeup

Welcome to the Harpsichord Studio at the University of North Texas College of Music!

UNT offers performance degrees in Harpsichord at every level of undergraduate and graduate study (BM, MM, DMA). Secondary study is also available at all levels. It is the goal of the Harpsichord division to develop students into well-rounded performers on the instrument by not only fostering their growth as solo artists, but to provide them with the tools and experiences to make them collaborative artists of the highest order as well. A Harpsichord degree from UNT aims to provide students an understanding and command of solo literature of all national styles (Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, etc.) from the Renaissance through the early Classical periods, and with significant continuo playing experience with period instrument ensembles and singers. Harpsichord majors are presented with numerous opportunities for these performances, such as solo recitals, playing continuo with the Baroque Orchestra and/or Collegium Singers, many period chamber ensembles, as well as a wide variety of student degree recitals.

In addition to private harpsichord instruction, students will also take courses in Performance Practice, Basso Continuo, Improvisation and Ornamentation, Harpsichord Literature, and time spent learning Tuning and Maintenance of harpsichords.

UNT is fortunate to have a large collection of early keyboards, including world-class instruments by some of the finest builders. Our collection includes:

  • French Double after Donzelague, by Allan Winkler
  • German Double after Mietke, by William Dowd
  • Italian after Grimaldi, by John Phillips
  • Flemish Single, by Richard Kingston
  • Italian, by Peter Fisk
  • 3 Flemish doubles, by Peter Fisk
  • Italian virginal
  • Fretted Clavichord after Hubert
  • Portative Organ, by John Bennett (8, 4, Regal)
  • Fortepiano after Stein, by Paul McNulty

Prospective Harpsichord majors are selected by audition. All auditions are played on the harpsichord, although piano may suffice for the undergraduate audition with approval by the Harpsichord professor. Scholarships are available. Please contact Dr. Brad Bennight for more information.